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OhPhish Features

Simple and - User-Friendly

OhPhish is a simple and user-friendly solution for driving phishing simulations and online trainings. Launching phishing simulations is made easy through pre-existing phishing templates and connectors for authoritative identity repositories (like Active Directory). The solution not only sends customized emails and campaigns, but also tracks responses and actions (like clicking links or opening attachments) in real time, giving trends as well as detailed reports by user, department, or other key demographic.

Extensive Reports

OhPhish provides Phishing Campaign and training completion reports, which can be downloaded in Excel and PDF formats. These reports are updated in real time and snapshots are available on the Mobile Application as well.

Predefined Templates

OhPhish allows clients to simulate different types of phishing attacks, including suspicious links and attachments. Clients can upgrade for the advanced credential capturing attacks.

Theme-based Campaigns

OhPhish’s templates are organized by theme to help you understand in which areas your employees are most vulnerable in order to plan your awareness campaign.

Trend Monitoring

OhPhish provides clients detailed reports for current as well as past campaign for Trend Monitoring. The trends can be monitored across designations, departments as well as locations. Trend monitoring allows you to compare your employees’ performance pre and post training.


OhPhish does the heavy lifting of analyzing the results of Phishing Simulation campaigns and correlating them with past performance as well as industry data. The analytics engine helps clients make informed decisions on prioritizeing training and remediation efforts to improve the organization’s security.


Phishing via E-mail

Employees are your first line of defense
against most cyber attacks

More than 90% cyber attacks are initiated by phishing emails. OhPhish phishing simulations mimic real-life attack scenarios that help equip employees spot phishing attacks and prevent data breaches.

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Phising via SMS

Would your employees respond
to malicious messages?

Targeted attacks on mobile devices are on the rise enticing the recipient to click an embedded link or respond to what appears to be a personal text message or SMS. OhPhish's smishing simulations will help test your employees in the same way a cybercriminal would attack them. This testing helps to increase employee awareness and understanding of a variety of different attack techniques they may otherwise fall for.

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Phishing via Voice

Vishing attacks are often the
hardest to detect

Vishing, or telephonic/voice based attacks are routed through a channel (mobile phone network) which is inherently vulnerable (to spoofing)and not much can be done to secure it as your company does not own or govern the mobile phone network. Falsifying caller ID, or spoofing is quite easy, this technique becomes even more difficult to avoid in scenarios where vishing attacks are combined with smishing and / or phishing attacks.

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OhPhish Phishing Reporter

'OhPhish Reporter' plugin
is used to report potential phishing emails

Turn your staff into human sensors and allow them to self report potential phishing attacks. Users are able to send the suspected message as an attachment with just 1 click. The OhPhish solution analyses the reported emails and forwards the ones not part of known phishing (simulation) campaigns to respective security teams for further investigation. This analysis reduces false positives when an intentional phishing campaign is underway, but ensures users are able to report legitimate attacks to the correct cyber security authorities in their organization.

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OhPhish LMS

'OhPhish LMS' is a comprehensive training
solution for security awareness

The OhPhsh LMS enables users across the organization to cover concepts at their own pace through a we Portal / Mobile app. Cyber security awareness trainings can be assigned through the platform manually for selected users / automatically based on user behvaior during phishing simulations. By Utilizing the LMS, organizations are able to report on security awareness training compliance with ease and ensure high risk users get the training they require.

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How It Works

OhPhish is a web-based portal that works on all standard Web Browsers.


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Buy Campaign Credits

Contact us at [email protected] to get pricing details and to purchase credits for Phishing Simulation Campaigns to test your organization.


Initiate Campaign

Choose the phishing theme and template that is right for your audience, upload their contact information, and sit back and relax.! Let the portal do the rest for you.


Monitor Campaign

Monitor the response to the Phishing Simulation Campaigns in real time! Detailed reports broken down by department, location, designation, etc. on who opens the emails, who clicks the links, and who opens attachments are available live while the campaign is running as well as after it is concluded.


Analyze Reports

Analyze the response from target employees through reports and metrics provided by the OhPhish reporting features. These help quantify risks and provide the right level of assurance to management.



Provide additional training to those who need it. Track repeat offenders in order to take additional measures as prescribed by your organization's policies.

Are your users prepared to identify Phishing, Smishing, and Vishing attacks before they lead to a successful attack?

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