SMShing, or SMS phishing, is a variant of phishing scams. It basically uses text messages to trick users into divulging their confidential information.

Having a mobile phone means that consumers have access to almost an unlimited amount of data whenever they need it. Sadly, this access is reciprocal, and safeguarding your data is also another challenge altogether.

As texting is one of the most common methods of communication for many users, this inevitability makes it an irresistible target for many cybercriminals. Smishing has become one of the main tools in a scammer’s arsenal, partly because it is so easy to wield and requires little technical knowledge.

Smishing typically follows the usual phishing route. Each text contains a link that which directs the target to a website and asks them to fill in their details or prompts them to download malware onto their system. However, as opposed to a standard phishing attack, the success rates are higher with a smishing attack because users are not conditioned to receiving spam on their mobile phones.

To help you protect your organization, OhPhish’s smishing simulation can test your users the way a cybercriminal would and gauge their understanding of the dangers associated to this scam.

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