Voice Phishing, commonly known as vishing, is the telephone equivalent of phishing. Like its email counterpart, vishing tricks users into revealing confidential information over the phone by posing as a trusted entity. Vishing scams can be very convincing because these callers are usually experts in their respective fields.

The main reason why vishing scams are on the rise is because of how easily cybercriminals can execute these attacks with minimal risk of detection.

Vishing often begins where phishing ends. For instance, you click on a link for an advertisement that relates to your own personal interest. The link, which hides embedded malware, triggers a lock-up component that only a helpful “technical” person can help you with. So, you call the number you see and spend some money to remediate the problem. Little did you know, it was all just part of the scam, and the company that you just called was the culprit that created this problem in the first place.

Scammers often use caller ID spoofing to lend them credibility when they send out calls to potential victims. As a result, victims are compelled to pick up the call, especially if it appears to be coming from a legitimate source or from a number similar to their own. Regardless of the source, most vishing attempts would convince victims to give up the confidential information. This information is then used for identity fraud or to steal money from their accounts.

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